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Herald releases apps for newspaper


Recent-year subscribers of The Durango Herald have had access – if they chose – to the e-edition, which is a replica of the printed newspaper.

Now, those subscribers also have access to applications (apps) for their iPhones, iPads and Android phones or tablets.

Danial Ciluffo from the Herald staff has worked in recent weeks with a vendor that has created the apps. They are simple-to-use programs downloadable from the Apple store or the Google store. (Apple and Android apps are available today; we’re still working on the Kindle app.)

The apps permit the display of a replica copy of the newspaper. I’m most familiar with the iPad version, which shows the newspaper pages as you would see them in print. A tap on the screen magnifies the text for easier reading. A flip propels the reader to the next page. As permitted by your device, you can print or forward material to friends or relatives.

The apps are particularly useful for those who leave home before getting a chance to read the newspaper, or for those who want to refer to an article that they read earlier in the day but don’t have access to the print version. People on vacations or extended winter residences in sunnier climes will find the apps far more reliable and timely than postal delivery.

We have soft-launched the apps and are encouraging people to try them. If we don’t experience issues, then we’ll begin heavier promotion of them.

The apps are another way that readers can access the newspaper regardless of time or place. It’s part of our all-access campaign in which we connect readers to information and to each other.

Ken Amundson is general manager of newspaper operations for Ballantine Communications. He has worked in the newspaper industry for 35 years and directed newspaper web operations since the mid-1990s.

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