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One day their prince did come

J. Scott Applewhite/Associated Press

Durango Herald intern Stefanie Dazio, left, and former intern Leigh Giangreco next to her, appear on the front page of USA TODAY.

Young journalists dream of the day their name appears on the front page of a major newspaper.

But for The Durango Herald intern Stefanie Dazio in Washington, D.C., her name wasn’t in a byline on Friday’s edition of USA TODAY. Instead, she made her debut in a photo. Dazio is pictured as a member of the press corps covering Prince Harry’s visit to Capitol Hill on Thursday.

To add to the local connection, former Herald intern Leigh Giangreco also is in the photo.

“I swear I was working,” Dazio told Herald editors about the photo. “We’re all reporters up there!”

But covering a charming prince is certainly more fun than the political beat.

Both Dazio and Giangreco graduate today from American University.

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