Many groups are out to destroy America

I believe some U.S. politicians, along with those who are our enemies have attempted to destroy America.

One by one: The Muslim Brotherhood (changed name to Freedom and Justice Party).

No. 2 is al Qaida. President Barack Obama said, after the slaying of Osama bin Laden, “We have them on the run.”

There is Hamas, Hezbollah, the numerous “fronts” of Muslim Brotherhood. They presently have 40 front organizations to overwhelm the media to foster their causes.

There are in excess of 500 radical cells in the United States. Many of them are diligently working at every college event espousing their cause for American downfall.

Hamas, Hezbollah, Somalia, Algeria, Lebanon, Syria, Gaza strip, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Sudan, Mali, Egypt and others possess “front” groups functioning in America and most big name colleges and universities.

Thanks to former Vice President Al Gore, al Jazeera (a radical Muslim group) has a foot in the U.S. television medium.

You don’t believe it! Do your homework using your own resources.

Don’t believe me. Find out for yourself the history and the present effort in the Judeo-Christian demise.

Fred Gale


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