Cosmo crew showed admirable solidarity

Congratulations to the Cosmopolitan restaurant staff members who stood and walked together, recognizing the strength of “all for one.” I don’t know what the problem was with the chef, but if the entire staff leaves their jobs in protest of his or her firing, bless their integrity.

The fat cats have been getting away with firings, stealing pensions, laying off in mass, unsafe working conditions, low wages, uncertainty in work all for the sake of bottom-line growth. The lack of ethics is rampant in today’s work world. Here we are in little old Durango, where a group of workers, no doubt on low wages and no benefits, stand up for the working class.

If Wall Street workers walked, they might make this country into a fair and level playing field, but they probably don’t have the courage Durango’s Cosmos’ staff members have. Remember, one and all, numbers aren’t always bottom liners, numbers are us when we stand together and support what we see as right.

Frank Duffy


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