Stop harming the Earth for convenience

I support the proposed plastic bag regulations. A couple of personal anecdotes underline the importance of the issue to us.

We were in Oahu several weeks ago, quite a distance off the coast doing the archetypical “dolphin swim” (lots of fun). My little boy pointed out a sea turtle and said “Look, it’s eating, Daddy”. We looked closer and, yes, it was: a plastic bag. The photographer swam over and managed to disentangle the turtle.

We read that a lot of cities instituting bans are near the sea (and that locales far from the ocean were citing that as a reason not to do so here). I mentioned that “fact” to my 9-year-old, driving home from Pagosa to Durango last Sunday. So he began to count the plastic bags hung up on trees, bushes, and fences on his side of the road as we drove. He finally got bored at a count of 83 and so we didn’t get close to a full tally. That was about a 10-minute stretch.

We support the plastic bag ban as do most folks we know. I know there are many who don’t. But, at age 53, the one thing I always say about this to them is this: “When I was a kid, we didn’t even have plastic bags and we somehow – under terrible duress and suffering – managed to survive.”

Come on, folks, for goodness sake! How soft and spoiled have we gotten? Screw up the Earth just for a bit of convenience? We can do better, friends.

Gregor Gardner


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