Act now or kiss East, West coasts goodbye

I am a resident of Ignacio and also a Southern Ute tribal member. I recently read an article on Yahoo news and have been gaining much insight from my geology class at Pueblo Community College this semester on just how close we are to losing each of our coasts here in the United States.

As many are aware, we have created a greenhouse effect on our precious Earth simply because we choose to contribute to the ongoing tradition of buying and driving gas and diesel automobiles.

Recently, our world reached a global warming milestone. Carbon dioxide was measured at 400 parts per million!

With the amounts of carbon dioxide that we are releasing every day, we are contributing to the sea levels rising. If we do not take advantage of the alternative ways of providing cleaner energy, then we can simply kiss our East and West coasts goodbye.

There are many ways to contribute to change, such as parking the car and riding the bike, purchasing electric vehicles and, most effectively, stop funding the gas stations! Try one example, it may create a healthy and world-saving trend.

Trae Seibel


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