Today’s scandal standard is perplexing

Our younger generation are masters of technology and are truly color blind. Young Americans are also blind to sexual orientation as well.

Boomers can take some credit for helping to advance civil rights. So where is the outrage and media uproar regarding Sen. John McCain’s off-the-cuff remarks last week? McCain said, “I met Prince Harry, and, wow, he is a very attractive man.” This is very similar to when President Barack Obama recently remarked off-the-cuff while introducing a U.S. attorney and personal friend of his and first lady Michelle Obama.

After listing her many fine qualities and professional achievements, he said, “She’s also the best-looking district attorney in the country.” His remarks caused a media frenzy and controversy for days if not weeks.

McCain’s recent remarks don’t garner a moment’s media notice, let alone cause controversy. Would the same hold true if McCain’s remarks were made instead by outspoken gay former Rep. Barney Frank?

Certainly it would not have traction with younger Americans, but what about with boomers? I’m perplexed, perhaps even confused, by the new standards and what constitutes newsworthy issues, controversy and even scandal these days.

Roger O’Keefe


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