Keep DHS Life Class funding where it is

We are two Durango High School students who have worked in the Kids-2-Kids program and Life Class for the last three years, getting to know and love each “life student.” During the last three years, we have witnessed the strengths and weaknesses of each student, how well the program runs and the great environment that has been created for these kids.

The new plan to relocate funding for this amazing program, under the administration of Superintendent Daniel Snowberger, is one of the worst things Durango School District 9-R could do to its students. Not only is it not fair to eliminate a comfortable environment for these students, but it is not fair for general education teachers and students to be held responsible for the life students’ everyday needs and care.

Most of these students need help going to the bathroom, feeding themselves and walking, let alone learning. How are students and staff members supposed to function successfully on an everyday basis if classes are continually interrupted and focused on helping the life students?

There was a great program that allowed these wonderful kids to enjoy everyday classes with the help of trained and experienced aides. We believe it to be unfair for one man, who has spent no time in this program and has spent no time with its students, to be able to make such a detrimental decision that will greatly affect the lives of everyone involved.

We hope Snowberger and others involved will eventually realize the extreme mistake they are all making.

Betsy Ward, Emily McCue


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