Concerns give new board member directive

I want to thank the members of La Plata Electric Association District 4 for their trust and support in electing me as their newest member on the LPEA board of directors.

I overwhelmingly heard them joining with me in desiring our community to be leaders in energy development that supports local businesses and keeps dollars local. And, for those who also communicated to me the challenges and struggles already faced with the increase in rates, I hear the need to keep rates fair and low.

I join the LPEA board with these directives in representing the members. I also want to take this moment to recognize Herb Brodsky who has been a part of this LPEA family since attending his first board meeting upon arriving in Durango in 1981.

Brodsky’s dedication, devotion and commitment to serving this community deserve acknowledgment as well as applause. Thank you, Herb! With that, thank you again, members of LPEA District 4. I am truly honored to be a member of the board of directors and to serve you.

Jack Turner


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