Sheriff Schirard is the new Yosemite Sam

Did I misunderstand the Herald, or did it make a huge goof when reporting that Sheriff Duke Shirard refuses to enforce the gun laws of Colorado (May 18)? I understand what a looney-tunes bunch of gun crazies some right-wing Colorado sheriffs have been in the past, but come on, Durango Herald, is this some kind of late April Fools joke? A Colorado sheriff refuses to enforce the laws passed by the people of Colorado because he doesn’t like them or agree with them?

If he doesn’t like the laws the people of Colorado pass, he needs to immediately resign his position as sheriff. Then he can go join the lobbying arm of the NRA on his own time and his own dime.

However, if this is the new standard by which we now operate, then, let’s see, if there are laws the rest of us don’t like or agree with, do we just decide not to follow them? Unbelievable! Move over, Yosemite Sam – here comes Durango Duke!

Jim Fuge


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