Make peace with N. Korea to avoid fallout

As you may know, North Korea is threatening us with a nuclear attack. As fifth-graders in Durango, we think this is horrible! A nuclear attack could change our future and everyone’s future. Our future is our most important resource, so we need to act now. To protect our future we want the United States to seek peace with North Korea and not use nuclear weapons.

Also, the United States needs to cut down or reduce weapons. The U.S. military has more weapons that aren’t nuclear and are very effective. With that, the U.S. military has a laser on a Navy ship. If you don’t reduce nuclear weapons and if you use them, there will be radioactive waste which is toxic to all living things. Another reason is nuclear weapons can destroy futures if we don’t reduce them.

Another reason to make peace with North Korea is a nuclear attack can cause nuclear fallout, as in Hiroshima in 1945. Nuclear fallout could ruin our future. Nuclear fallout exposes human’s plants and animals to radiation. Radiation can cause a sickness called radiation sickness or it can cause cancer or death. Nuclear fallout dust also blocks the sun and takes 10 percent of sunlight, which is bad for the Earth. A future with nuclear fallout is a bad future.

With nuclear options, North Korea may cause World War III, which could kill everyone. According to Wikipedia, South Korea says that North Korea is moving to the United States to strike the Pentagon first.

As you can see, it will be a very bad future for kids if we don’t stop North Korea and reduce nuclear weapons.

Louie Ickes, David Rios and Caleb Davis

Animas Valley Elementary School Durango