Navajo Trail Open will turn 51 at Hillcrest Golf Club

It’s official: The 2013 edition of the Coca-Cola of Durango Navajo Trail Open moves into the second half century this weekend.

The 51st annual event at Hillcrest Golf Club is the crown jewel of Durango tournaments, as it brings together not only some very good grapefruit circuit professionals but also some of the best amateur golfers from all over the Four Corners and beyond.

The weather should not be a factor this week, unless you’re allergic to hot temperatures. The grounds crew has been busy spot-watering and buttoning down the final touches to the mesa-top course in preparation for nearly 220 avid ball chasers.

With this popular event comes course closure to regular-play golfers from Thursday through Sunday. However, if you are a follower of great, suspenseful golf, then spectators are welcome to observe some of the region’s best. The Pro-Am is Thursday, followed by the 54-hole Open portion Friday through Sunday.

I need to sneak in a couple of tournament reminders before we get swept up into NTO mania. The Columbine Classic Duet tournament will be held June 19-20 at Dalton Ranch Golf Club. The field is limited to the first 100 golfers, with a shotgun start at 9 a.m. both days.

The other event, which will tee off July 27 at Hillcrest, is the 32nd edition of the Randango Golf Classic. I mention this early because of the fact the entry deadline is right around the corner July 12. This event gives proceeds to deserving student-athletes who go on to pursue academic and sports endeavors in college. Thousands upon thousands of scholarship dollars have been awarded over the last three decades. And to think this all got started with the dead bug dance on a very lucky green!

Navajo Trail Open

The Sponsors Tournament, Saturday, at Hillcrest Golf Club:

First Flight

1. Feylyn Begay, Guy Begay, Glynnis Price and Susan Voorhees, low gross, 56.

1. Michael Albert, Michael Kuss, Troy McLaughlin and Greg Walsh, low net, 53.

T2. Cody Civiletto, Joe Civiletto, George Judson and Clark Riedberger, 54.

T2. Patty Crigler, Jim Fiala, Marilyn Fiala and Devin Schreiner, 54.

Second Flight

1. Dustin Hanscom, Steve Jackson, Tony Jones and Wilma Kent, low gross, 56.

1. Mike Amato, Justin Lyons, Rita Simon and Ken Van Zee, low net, 52.

T2. Josh Neiman, Robert Sieger, Todd Sieger and Tom White, 54.

T2. Tyler Coates, James Crowdes, Pat Smith and Scott Smith, 54.

Third Flight

1. Brian Betka, John Betka, Jake Helton and Jeff McCloskey, low gross, 62.

T1. Ray Esquibel, Jimmy Kight, Don Mapel and Frank Mapel, low net, 54.

T1. Marcus Elliott, John Francis, Tom Probst and Bill Whitney, low net, 54.

Fourth Flight

1. Christina Bulleigh, Wayne Bulleigh, Brandon Rank and Dustin Robbins, low gross, 64.

1. Lynn Andrew, Brent Appel, Mitch Davis and Travis Grigsby, low net, 53.

2. Charles Brennan, Charlie Brennan, Joe Brennan and Keegan Brennan, 55.

Dave Bray has been covering the local golf scene for 32 years. He can be reached at

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