River seekers should respect private property

It has come to my attention that there has been a huge neglect of respect for personal property in Durango (more so in the valley). Living near the Animas River, I have to constantly ward off unwanted visitors from my backyard. And I’m not talking about bears or raccoons, but large white-and-blue inflatable rafts and tubes strutting across the railroad tracks. I have signs posted at both ends, but no one seems to pay attention.

Either they can’t read or they believe that the message doesn’t apply to them. Either way, it truly upsets me. What really gets me is when I ask them to go around to Animas View Drive and launch at 32nd Street, I receive the same response: “The railroad tracks are public property.” Now, I’m no expert and correct me if I’m wrong, but the railroad owns the tracks, wood and nails, and I own the dirt it resides on. Would you want strangers strolling through your backyard every day? Please, Durango, a little courtesy and respect is all I ask for.

Dylan Gillespie


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