Durango police need community guidance

It’s that time of year again when the (overstaffed) Durango Police Department starts harassing selected residents. Is it those offenses that bring in the most revenue so they can justify their salaries in a city with a huge number of police per capita?

I feel they harass people accidentally speeding a few miles more than the limit or in a poorly marked school zone. I feel they harass hapless drunks coming out of bars around 1 or 2 a.m. – sometimes even those on bicycles.

Never have I seen a loud diesel truck with a huge exhaust pipe emitting offensive black clouds of smoke – possibly intentionally – pulled over. Never have I seen any motorcycle riders with pipes so loud they are jarring and distracting pulled over, despite the city having a noise ordinance.

Aren’t these government officials our employees? I would like to see a city commission or committee here in downtown Durango assign the police a list of offenses they would like to see policed – the ones that most disturb the idyllic way of life we pay dearly to have – not just the offenses they seem to choose to enforce. And I would be glad to volunteer to serve on such a commission.

Julie C. Meadows


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