Young people being harassed at skate park

Some young people stick to the “no-snitch” unwritten law, so I will speak for them. I have heard first-hand accounts of acts of violence, threats and mugging taking place recently at the Durango skate park by adult males in the over-30 age group.

These men are drunk, belligerent and spend the day down the slope from the skate park next to the river drinking. One teen was pushed down and threatened. One man had men jump out of the bushes and attempt to take his moving bicycle. Recently, a young man was hit in the face, and even the younger skateboarders have money or possessions demanded from them.

The skateboarders themselves take pride in their park, keep it clean and use it for the purposes for which it is intended: to have fun, socialize, exercise and perfect their skills.

The debris from the “day-campers” is not only polluting the river but contributing to broken beer bottles, cans and trash at the park. Please be cautious if you have a younger skater heading to the park or are in the vicinity until the local authorities take care of this matter.

Gail Swinderman


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