U.S. should restrict the influence of Islam

I wrote this letter a year ago and sat on it after reading Marked for Death: Islam’s War against the West and Me by Geert Wilders, a member of the Dutch parliament, who was beaten severely in his own neighborhood by a Muslim street gang. More recently, Muslims beat up some black Christian kids in Dearborn, Mich., a community that has been taken over by Muslims.

Because Islam appears bent on destroying our (the West’s) constitutional system and its attendant liberties, we should not extend to it the leeway that we allow religions in general. Indeed, we put all of Western civilization at risk if we fail to recognize Islam for what it really is – an aggressive (jihad) enemy of freedom, especially for women, an ideology rather than religion, that poses threats to the entire non-Islamic world. And, as an ideology, Islam is not protected by the Constitution or the Bill of Rights.

As a declared enemy of all religions, Islam does not belong in the United States of America. Why? Simply, Muslims mean non-Muslims (called infidels in the Koran) harm.

So, when we finally begin to attend to our so-called immigration laws, next to securing the border, I strongly urge we begin to put real limitations on Muslims emigrating to this wonderful, tolerant country. These people and their horrible Sharia laws do not belong in a free country. Muslims and Islam have brought nothing consequential to the cultural table for about 14 centuries. Only death to the infidels and jihad. Think the attacks of Sept. 11 and Benghazi and Boston.

Frankly, if the Muslims think our Western culture is so decadent, one wonders why they come here, i.e., until you see what Muslim countries look like. Sand and camel scat, no industry, huge unemployment and little or no hope.

To my knowledge, we have been spared a Muslim or Islamic influence in Durango. Let’s keep it that way. There is no mention of the Golden Rule in the Koran. Reading Marked for Death and Andrew McCarthy’s Spring Fever: the Illusion of Islamic Democracy as cautionary tales for Americans.

Brian Van Mols


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