Gun laws enacted without public support

I support our local sheriff, Duke Schirard and the 54 other Colorado sheriffs who choose to defend and protect our Second Amendment rights. The people of Colorado did not pass the new Colorado gun laws.

In response to Jim Fuge’s letter (Herald, May 24), the majority of Coloradoans attending the Senate hearings at the State Capital in March on the gun laws were not allowed to testify. My son, a Durango native and combat-wounded veteran, was invited to testify by Sen. Ellen Roberts (thank you, senator!) He was Coloradan No. 88 on the sign-up list for the concealed-carry bill. The Senate panel stopped the public testimony at Coloradan No. 15.

I witnessed how the vote on the new gun-law bills had already been decided by the Colorado Democrats including state Rep. Mike McLachlan before the people of Colorado came to Denver to be heard. A very large crowd of Coloradans attended the hearings to defend our Second Amendment. Instead, we were ignored, silenced and every Coloradan’s rights were infringed upon.

If the new gun laws were voted on by the people of Colorado each one would be defeated. The new laws do nothing to stop gun violence. Instead, they make law-abiding tax-paying citizens law breakers.

Schirard understands the new gun laws are impractical, unenforceable and unconstitutional. I appreciate his common sense.

Joanna Fox-Wilson


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