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Car triggers natural-gas leak

SHAUN STANLEY/Durango Herald

Firefighters with Durango Fire & Rescue Authority and a Durango police officer responded Monday afternoon to a natural-gas leak at Cubby Hole Storage on Florida Road (County Road 240). Repairs were expected to be completed Monday night or this morning.

By Emery Cowan Herald staff writer

The car hit a natural-gas meter causing a leak Monday at Cubby Hole Mini Storage at 1405 Florida Road (County Road 240).

The Durango Fire & Rescue Authority responded with a medic unit, fire engine and rescue unit, DFRA Fire Marshall Karola Hanks said.

The fire department supervised as workers from Atmos Energy clipped the gas line below the meter to stop the flow of gas before the point that was damaged.

One resident’s gas line was affected, and no one was evacuated, said Brian Martens, a spokesman with Atmos. Atmos crews expected to have the line repaired Monday evening or this morning, Martens said. It’s difficult to say how much gas escaped, he said.

It is not uncommon for gas meters in the city to be located near where vehicles park and drive, Hanks said. Gas meters line many alleys in town, for example, she said.

Whenever the fire department inspects commercial establishments and sees a gas meter that could potentially be hit by a vehicle, the department asks the owner to install small concrete posts to protect the meter, Hanks said.


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