TV tonight: ‘Sex,’ ‘Friends’

by Robert Bianco, USA TODAY

“Sex: How it Works” | National Geographic

Admit it: The title caught your eye, which is precisely why National Geographic chose it. From other networks that might seem like mere pandering, but National Geographic is entitled to something of a historic pass. These are, after all, the folks whose magazine once gave younger readers their first, forbidden glimpse of sex Ý or at least toplessness.

“Hush/Mother, May I Sleep with Danger” | Lifetime Movie Network

Fans of “The Voice” will be occupied at NBC for the show’s finale, but that finale won’t be of much interest to the wider viewing public until the show produces a winner people who don’t watch can name. So for those of you who are in that un- Voiced category and are nostalgic for the days when trashy made-for-TV movies ruled the broadcast airwaves, Lifetime Movie Network offers this double-feature salute to one of the genre’s stars, Tori Spelling. And come on: When it comes to attention-grabbing titles, they don’t get much grabbier than “Mother, May I Sleep with Danger.” The answer, thankfully, is probably still “no,” though these days, some might add “unless it gets you your own reality show.”

“Friends” | TV Land

When this ‘90s sitcom favorite first put Monica and Chandler together, many viewers (me included) thought it was a mistake. We were wrong. The pairing rejuvenated the series, and gave it one of its best episodes, the 1999 classic where Everybody Finds Out – airing tonight as part of TV Land’s introductory marathon.

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