Stop acting spoiled; treat planet with love

In the 40-plus years I have lived in Durango, I’ve seen a pattern develop. We have been blessed to have many City Council members who have had vision and foresight. Some people opposed the new library, the Recreation Center and the Transit Center.

Now that they are built, most of us point to these projects with great pride. So will it be with a ban on plastic bags. Those who are whining about the tremendous inconvenience of carrying reusable bags to the store should stop to consider sacrifices made by my parents’ generation. Not only did they manage to get their groceries home without plastic bags, they also lived with rationing, planted victory gardens and reused much of what came into their homes.

When did we become such a spoiled, self-centered society? God gave us a beautiful planet to live on. Let’s treat it with the reverence and love it deserves. Let’s start with banning plastic bags.

Susan Dahl


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