Parking policy demonstrates petty meanness

I am a 100 percent disabled veteran with increasing congestive heart failure and bypass surgery. Prospects are not good. I have lived here 15 years and love Durango, but my time is growing short.

On June 13, I went to have my last will and testament notarized and witnessed at the office of an old friend and CPA in the 900 block of Second Avenue. The process took no more than 35 to 40 minutes. I was surprised, upset and humiliated to find a parking citation despite clearly displaying my handicap tag. The citation read “handicap not exempt at 24-minute meter.” I looked carefully, and there was a small decal on the meter post, indicating a 24-minute limit.

I will pay the small fine without formal objection. It is sheer petty meanness of the issuing officer and especially the city of Durango’s Parking Division, grasping at every dime of revenue from its more helpless citizens. I have been left with the bitter taste of how Durango has changed in recent years.

Jonathan Mitchell