Big Picture offers options, experience

Recently, 24 young people received their diplomas from Durango Big Picture High School. This year’s commencement, as well as last year’s, was filled with encouragement, wonder, miracles and the thrill of watching these kids step out into their futures. The speakers were assured that this group was capable of contributing to positive changes locally, nationally and even globally.

My husband and I are grateful that we live in a city that offers half a dozen alternatives for young people who do not choose, nor fit, into a public education system. Big Picture’s mentoring program is foundational, noteworthy and an avenue in which students are motivated to see their individual potential. Through the mentoring options, self-esteem rises, learning curves increase, healthy relationships develop and knowledge is attained about how local businesses function. Through this mentorship requirement, students are led to view a much larger and expansive “big picture.”

This grateful grandparent thanks Alain, Mannie, Jennie, Christopher, Emily, Dreher and all who make Big Picture a success story.

Ruth Olson