Road needs upgrade before public access

As a resident of Skydancer Townhomes on Animas View Drive, I have been watching with great interest the proposed river put-in/take-out. We have been struggling for years trying to deal with people parking in our complex while they use the river, even while there was a “no trespassing” sign posted on the path to the river. I can only see it getting worse if Oxbow becomes a public access with limited parking. Our proposed plan is to call the Durango Police Department every time a non-resident parks at Skydancer.

It is obvious that Animas View Drive is in need of upgrading. There are already many close calls between motorists, pedestrians and cyclists. In a recent meeting on Oxbow held at the Durango Community Recreation Center, it was stated that there was no specific plan to upgrade Animas View Drive.

It is obvious to me that it would be a catastrophe if Animas View Drive is not upgraded before establishing Oxbow as a public access.

Edgar Riecke


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