Use state’s resources to solve its problems

Common sense is a thing of the past when people actually thought about something before doing what it is they thought of doing. What a concept!

We now live in a world of politics and money, not common sense. The government is spending millions on fighting forest fires, so let’s not make more acreage wilderness. The more wilderness we have, the more forest fires we will see in the future.

Colorado has thousands of acres of forest that is beetle-killed, which, if not already on fire, probably soon will be. Let’s log the beetle kill and use it for another purpose other than “wildland fire fuel.” How about instead of overtaxing and regulating business, let’s invite business to log the beetle-kill wood for grocery bags. Wow! Just like in the old days. These bags are natural, biodegradable and useful for far more things than wind socks.

Plastic bags are toxic to make and do not go away, ever. Let’s use the resources we have to solve several problems that Colorado faces – jobs, pollution, overgrown dead forests and plastic grocery bags.

Jason Middlebrook


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