Story showed return to Sodom, Gomorrah

The front-page story headlined “Pride floats on the Animas” that included a picture of the mutilated American flag (Herald, June 23), is an insult to God, the Christian community and the American flag, and those who so gallantly served in the military to honor and protect it. Replacing the stripes on the flag with the gays’ stolen symbol (the rainbow) is totally unacceptable!

Remember the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah for homosexual sins, plus the entire world’s destruction in Noah’s day? Just like today, do not take God’s warnings lightly. Our world has fallen into the same sinful pit as in those days, and we already are witnessing God’s wrath: massive destructive weather changes, wars “all over the world at the same time,” restless murderous populations, unimaginable corruption in high and local government, overwhelming increases in homosexual numbers.

These were written to us in the King James Bible more than 2,000 years ago.

For more detail about the Last Days, see Hal Lindsey (, who is the greatest Christian prophet on this subject. His stand and projections are based on the Bible, and he has never been wrong for 50 years.

My condolence to the gay community for the lack of public support and backing from the Christian churches in the Four Corners during the gays’ four-day festival.

Also, Durango Mayor Dick White could have encouraged the gays to escape from homosexuality by following Jesus Christ so they would not have to endure the many political and legal problems.

No one is being discriminated against here. Creating a new “type” of human being who does not, and refuses to live by man’s and God’s laws cannot expect to receive protection or acceptance in this country.

Vi McCoy