Airport should be more than place for ads

As a user of the Durango-La Plata County Airport, I welcome any plan that eases transit through it, with an eye on reducing delays. It seems our airport is headed in the right direction to alleviate these concerns, but there’s more to upgrading airport quality than simply making lines shorter and adding seating.

The vast majority of airports I’ve traveled through have a look common to public spaces, but only a very few seem to rely so heavily, and many not at all, on advertising to welcome visitors to their towns.

The last upgrade of the terminal spaces brought us not only more billboards, but multimedia screens of ads. Is our airport really no more than a place for the highest bidders to sell, sell, sell Durango’s offerings?

Many airports instead use public art, or murals, or galleries of photos of natural, local attractions to welcome visitors.

When Durango’s enlarged terminal comes into being in a few years, are we destined to see only more billboards and TV screens? We have an airport commission that plans and oversees the facility’s operations. Its makeup seems to be heavily loaded with those with a high level of investment in the business community.

Being a tax-supported, public facility, does public opinion have a place in how the airport should present our area, or is it simply left up to a seemingly pro-business commission to sell wall space?

I am very interested in seeing the outcome.

Bruce Williams


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