Tunnel above Silverton is not Sunnyside’s

I had the opportunity to read the editorial (Herald, June 25) regarding the proposed Good Samaritan protection bill and wanted to clarify a detail mentioned in the piece.

The editorial implies that Sunnyside owns the American Tunnel, with respect to the line: “It would also give much-needed help to the streams that are currently carrying mining pollution into the Animas River from Sunnyside Mining Corp.’s American Tunnel, in the Gladstone area.”

In fact, Sunnyside does not own the American Tunnel. I think this is important for clarity and for future reference regarding the issue, which is already quite complicated and involves many different stakeholders.

Larry Perino, reclamation manager Sunnyside Gold Corp.

De Lamar Mine, Idaho

Editor’s note: In a telephone interview, Perino told the Herald he does not know who now owns the American Tunnel. He said Sunnyside never did own the tunnel, but used it by easement.