Local peach crop arrives soon

The first peaches of the season are on their way to Durango.

Matt Hauser of MLS Fruit will open next Wednesday at his usual corner south of Durango High School on Main Avenue, bringing in all manner of peas – sugar, snap and pod – and maybe, just maybe, a few cherries.

Cherries, apricots and plums were wiped out when a freeze occurred in late April.

“I think we had five apricots and 10 trees,” he said. “It was pretty sad.”

But the peach crop survived and he predicts he should be bringing them in from Palisade by July Fourth. Tomatoes arrive two weeks after that, he said.

If everything seems late this year, it’s only because we have short memories. Everything came in three to four weeks early last year because of the unusually warm spring.

“This was a much more normal Colorado growing season,” he said.