Hate speech is far from Christian behavior

Vi McCoy’s latest rant in the Herald constitutes hate speech (Letters, June 27). Nobody likes to hear they’re not good enough, or that God doesn’t or can’t love them. It’s not true and it’s not biblical. Accepting ourselves for who we are and accepting that God created us and loves us exactly as we are is a tremendous struggle for many. To see McCoy publicly claim LGBTs are sinners beyond the breadth and depth of God’s love is an attempt to plant a seed of doubt. Sowing doubt is exactly what Satan does, planting tares among the wheat, attempting to poison the garden of people’s minds where love should blossom instead.

Well, McCoy needs to give her Bible more study. Paul gave Peter his comeuppance about continuing to obey Jewish dietary and other Old Testament regulations, saying, in effect, that anyone who relied upon their own righteousness to enter heaven rendered Jesus and his grace worthless. Whether by being gay, eating pork, shellfish or judging and condemning our neighbors in a public forum such as the Herald, we have all sinned and fallen short of God’s glory.

In McCoy’s rush to judge and condemn members of the LGBT community, she has failed to love her neighbor. She is no Christian because she does not love, and her vile words undo the good so many Christians in our community attempt to do! She should congregate with her fellow vipers and self-righteous Pharisees, and leave Christ and his love for us, we sinners, drunks, thieves and LGBTs – we who rely on God’s son and his righteousness for our salvation.

Wade Nelson


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