Fee has transformed to thinly veiled tax

Last summer, I emailed Sweetie Marbury concerning her push for a charge for plastic bags, asking her if this was a thinly veiled regressive tax. She responded by saying that grocery stores would be the recipients of the dime. Well, I guess that changed, and now it is a tax, perhaps if it were not, the bags could be treated as bottles and cans elsewhere, and the charge would be a deposit refundable when the bags were returned for recycling.

La Plata County already has a regressive tax on food. A plurality of Colorado counties do not charge a tax on grocery purchases, have a lower general tax rate and, somehow, manage to meet their budgets.

Every morning, I find this biased, left-leaning rag (The Durango Herald) at the bottom of my driveway in an orange plastic bag, instead of being folded or rolled in a rubber band. How did the Herald escape Marbury’s wrath? Perhaps because it is a proponent of her liberal agenda?

Robert Goodrich


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