Train should switch from coal-fired engines

I really do not understand why the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad continues to go to Silverton with coal-fired engines in this extreme fire situation.

To say the train needs to maintain the historic feel of the train ride is ridiculous. There’s nothing real about the Polar Express or the Dino Train. I’m sure the train can manage to re-create the historic feel of the ride to Silverton without using coal-fired engines. Just explain to the tourists that we don’t want to burn our beautiful forest.

Why does the train risk the chance of another devastating wildfire and the possible destruction of so many homes/cabins north of Hermosa, where the train needs more coal (fire) as it chugs up the mountain? For the almighty dollar? Please stop the D&SNG railroad from putting so many homes and lives at risk. Please, D&SNG, be a responsible neighbor. All of its “mitigating” procedures are a joke. Please wake up and smell the smoke.

Michelle Lupton


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