Firefighters deserve the governor’s support

Residents of Southwest Colorado have been dealing with a series of fires in our area, the largest of which is the West Fork Complex. That fire has consumed more than 90,000 acres and is, if I am correct, the second largest fire of this type in Colorado’s history.

In spite of the size of the fire, damage and displacement of residents of South Fork, the governor has not seen fit to make a trip to this part of the state to support the brave firefighters and those residents affected by these fires. Front Range fires seem to draw the immediate attention of the governor, including visits, as well as those in the media. Yet this catastrophe has generated limited interest in the media and, apparently, none in our governor’s office.

The governor can and must support those fighting the fires and others who have been evacuated and, yet, he, to my knowledge, has not seen fit to make even a one-day trip to Southwest Colorado. I would ask that Hickenlooper review his schedule and find some time for a visit to this portion of the state that he governs.

Jan Jorgensen

Pagosa Springs

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