America was left coping withe the legacy of war

The Durango Evening Herald of April 3, 1899, was much concerned that Durangoans should vote in the upcoming local election. In the aftermath of the heated 1890s political scene, four parties put forth tickets, giving locals a great deal of choice. The silver issue still agitated Coloradans, although most of their fellow residents had moved on to other issues.

While they cheered on America’s triumph against Spain the year before, many of these people now realized they had a “tiger” by the tail in the Philippine Islands, which had become an American possession. Our “Little Brown Brothers” were not in the least happy about the United States planning to stay there. They wanted to be independent and free of foreign occupation. To achieve this, they raised an army and now fought their “liberators” to gain just that. The Filipino military forces were led by Emilio Aguinaldo.

The headlines:

Returning Filipinos

Indications that Aguinaldo’s followers are tired

Natives retuning home under flags of truce

The Colorado Legislature adjoins tonight

Bills are rushed through by the wholesale – all night session

The Senate was in session all night and took a short adjournment at seven this morning in order to close the day

During the night it passed the appropriations bill

Both houses today are devoting their entire attention to discussing of revenue sources

Tomorrow the voters of this city will decided whom they want to preside over them officially during coming year

In this we have a duty to perform that should not be shirked

T’is the duty of every man and woman to go to the polls and vote

A man’s cause is desperate when it becomes necessary to throw around unsigned circulars the day before election

Four parties fielded local tickets – Democrats, Republicans, People’s and Silver Republicans (The People’ or Populist Party, a decade old, backed the free coinage of silver. The Democrats and Silver Republicans did also, while the Republicans opposed the issue.)

The regular meeting of the Woman’s Christian Temperance Union will meet tomorrow at 2:30 with Mrs. Ashback

The Pocahontas Ladies and their friends will dance at the Strater Annex this evening

Three years ago Saturday morning Stillwell & Col served their first meal at the Strater Hotel

Duane Smith is a Fort Lewis College history professor. Reach him at 247-2589.

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