Out-of-town recyclers need City Market site

As county residents living in Hermosa for 26 years, we have always made the extra effort to recycle. The convenience and ease of the north City Market site made this possible. We still have to pay for a Dumpster for the few nonrecyclables we collect.

Now the city is asking us to pay for grocery bags, drive all the way across town and get charged and “carded” for the privilege of dropping off our items. Then, it sells the recyclables; that’s three times it is making money from our recyclables (not to mention the cost of gas for us).

I know it costs a lot for the recycling program, but sadly, there is a point of diminishing returns for county residents, and this decision will likely end recycling for us. The north City Market site had become a mess since single-stream was initiated because of the lack of proper signage. The city should reconsider this decision for the sake of county residents who want to recycle.

Deb Talcott