City wrong to exclude non-residents

We have found it frustrating that Durango once again is saying that it is “green” and supports all these efforts to help people make less of an impact on Earth, all the while putting limitations on those who would try to do better. We were disheartened to learn that the “new” recycling center will not take recycling from anyone who is not a Durango resident. What? We come in from Cortez for church every week and have been recycling all our plastics, paper, etc., to try and make things better in this world. Cortez does not offer plastic recycling (of which most of our recycling consists). So, yay for your grand idea! We now have to place much more trash into dumps and not be recycled. If it is money you are worried about (which shouldn’t be an issue since the center sells the products to bigger facilities) then they should charge $2 for non-Durango residents, or just charge the same for everyone. Don’t try to sell this greener idea if you can’t follow through for everyone.

Corinne Sandner


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