Do not just complain, become involved

Thank you for sharing people’s opinions in “Being American means ...” (Herald, July 4.) Because of all the brave men and women who have defended our rights, James Muller was free to express his opinion about a “system.” Because of that system, I am also free to express my opinions about Muller’s comments.

If he feels that the “system” is full of lies, in many respects, it is. However, that isn’t an invitation simply to complain about it. Educate yourself, get involved and share your passion for correcting the problems with others, and get them to do the same. We can correct problems in our system by becoming active.

No system is perfect, but I’m pretty sure that if Muller traveled the world, he would be pretty hard pressed to come up with any system that is better than ours. Don’t be apathetic, folks. Participate in our system to make it better. Please. If you can’t muster the motivation to become involved for any other reason, then please do it to honor all of the men and women who have fought for (and in many cases, lost their lives for) our country and for your right to democracy.

Beverly Lawrence


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