Print Vi McCoy, but not out-of-area writers

On July 2, the Durango Herald printed a letter written by Maurice Harrigan from Pittsboro, N.C., questioning the wisdom of printing letters from Vi McCoy. First off, who cares what somebody in Pittsboro, N.C., thinks about the letters in the Herald? It’s obvious that Harrigan is not a regular reader of the Herald based on the last sentence of the letter: “You don’t need to print it – unless you are a shill for the Bible-toting Christians.”

That said, I don’t belong to the Vi McCoy fan club. However, I can appreciate the fact that the Herald prints her diatribes. In as much as I’m usually opposed to the Herald’s editorial policy, I wouldn’t want it to censor my letters or refuse to print them.

Perhaps the Herald should refrain from printing letters from those people living outside the Four Corners.

Dennis Pierce


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