Residents must stop city from banning bags

No one in Durango wants a plastic-bag tax ordinance except for the city councilors. The Durango Chamber of Commerce does not want a plastic-bag ban or tax.

The retailers who will have to charge the plastic-bag tax do not want a bag ban or tax in Durango. The overwhelming majority of the residents of Durango do not want a bag tax or ban. Bans or taxes on plastic bags have done, and will do, absolutely nothing to improve the environment. Bag bans or taxes have caused disease outbreaks because of increased use of filthy, reusable bags. Bag bans or taxes have resulted in multiple lawsuits against municipalities that have imposed them.

So basically, the members of the Durango City Council are part of a small misguided, misinformed minority that wants to tax or ban plastic bags in Durango, so as to promote their radical environmental agenda. They are very willing to ignore the wishes of Durango and subject the citizens to disease, increased taxes, threats of lawsuits, decreased tourism, and countless other consequences for a “feel-good” ordinance that serves no other purpose than to give them something to brag to each other about.

We need to do the right thing and prevent Durango from being perceived as a bunch of “useful idiots” for the extremist environmental activists. Has anyone began a petition to get this matter on the next available ballot? Please let the rest of us know, so we can volunteer our help, time and money to keep this nonsense as just an unpleasant memory.

Bill Blankenship


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