Notify residents about spraying pesticides

On June 19, we had our neighborhood crop dusted. Ten days later, we have a few crickets, no frogs. Before that, we had a symphony at night. Frogs and crickets keep up the pace. Now it is silent. What happened?

When they spray, the pesticide is not selective; it will destroy more than just insects. I called the Colorado Department of Agriculture, and I found that there is no requirement for notification of pesticide application, whether it be residential, commercial or agricultural.

We don’t need an act of Congress, just another state law? Why do we need another law, when common safety sense would do? Why can’t there be notification without passing a law? Is there something to hide? I am now trying to find out what was sprayed and by whom. I would like the Material Safety Data Sheets so I can read for myself all about what was sprayed.

Years ago, my husband bought me the book Silent Spring by Rachel Carson; if we keep it up – the spraying and polluting – we will have a silent spring. There’s always a domino effect.

Silvia Corbin


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