Train is a responsible part of community

Michelle Lupton’s hypocrisy is mind-boggling (Letters, Herald, July 3). She comes to Durango, establishes residency in the mountains where the train has run for decades and then complains about the train starting fires.

Newcomers have no idea how much the economy of Durango is dependent upon the train, but old-timers and long-time residents are thankful every day for the train and the business it generates that keeps Durango alive and thriving.

Just as one example: Look at how many wonderful restaurants we have to choose from in a town our size. They would not exist if there were not tourists coming here to ride a historic, coal-fired, narrow-gauge train.

Al Harper spends thousands of dollars making sure any fires caused by his train are extinguished immediately, including having a helicopter always on standby. As for the Polar Express and Dino trains, they only travel to the edge of Durango.

Jon & Marsha Schuetz


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