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Drug agents dismantle southeast county meth lab

Herald Staff Report

The Southwest Drug Task Force announced Wednesday it dismantled an inactive methamphetamine lab in southeast La Plata County.

Investigators learned of the lab June 2 from the property owner, who found the lab in an outbuilding.

Authorities executed a search warrant June 3 and entered the building. Inside, they discovered an inactive meth lab and seized chemicals, glassware and materials consistent with the manufacture of methamphetamine, according to a news release issued Wednesday.

No arrests have been made.

The Task Force declined to release information about the suspects or the specific location of the property.

Investigators wore safety equipment, including Tyvek suits and self-contained breathing apparatuses to enter the building. The Los Pinos Fire Protection District was on scene for safety.

A cleanup company from New Mexico was contracted to clean the scene.

Samples of the chemicals were collected and sent to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation for testing.

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