Reusable bags wrong solution to nonproblem

Those who know me know I am not prone to writing letters to the newspaper, but I feel like I should in this case. As a mother of two and owner of a not-yet-mature canine, I think we should ban reusable bags rather than plastic bags.

I was duped into thinking reusable bags were a great solution to what I now know is a nonproblem. After seeing what two kids and a dog can and will do with reusable bags, and everything else for that matter, I am compelled to encourage the use of plastic bags and condemn the use of the disgustingly filthy reusable bags.

I won’t get in line behind someone with reusable bags anymore. The germs on the conveyor belt and on the hands of the cashiers handling the infested bags cause horrible E. coli, flu and other outbreaks of disease.

As customers of these stores, we need to demand the use of rubber gloves by the cashiers and constant disinfection of the conveyor belts and shopping carts.

Unforseen consequences of a bag ban? Oh yes, to say the least. Let’s get this issue on the ballot.

Eileen Wright


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