Question draws on skateboarding stereotypes

I’m absolutely appalled at the Herald’s readers poll asking if skateboarding should be a crime. Really? Should baseball or bike-riding be a crime? What makes you select one extreme sport to identify as a possible crime? The only possible conclusion I can come to is the completely ridiculous stereotypical beliefs that so many associate with skateboarding.

The local skate park in Durango was dedicated to my son after his death in a car accident. Since then, I have hosted, along with the city of Durango and the Boarding Haus, an annual skate competition in his memory. This competition is a positive outlet for the skaters of Durango and the surrounding areas and celebrates my son’s love for the sport and the dedication of some very talented kids.

These kids work hard to master the sport they love and are part of a brotherhood like no other I’ve ever seen. I’ve heard the stereotypes about skaters doing drugs and committing crimes. And what do I have to say in their defense? O.J. Simpson, football player accused of murder, Aaron Hernandez, accused of multiple murders, and how many professional athletes have been involved in illegal drugs and steroid use? Maybe this is something to think about, and if there are any doubts, come by our skate competition next June and take a look at the dedication and camaraderie. You may not believe what you see.

Charlett Warren


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