Visitor found reporter’s service exemplary

At the end of June, my family and I went to Durango to visit Sue Lobdell at Eventide Nursing Home. The personnel there advised that she was no longer a patient but refused to provide any further information such as if she had died, relying on “right of privacy laws.”

Unable to obtain any further information from the nursing home, I decided to call the Herald to seek obituary information.

A very pleasant, courteous and professional lady named Ann Butler took my call and proceeded to help me. While she did not have the information at her finger tips, she took down the information and promised to call me back shortly.

Within minutes she called me and provided me the information (although I had misspelled the name) and emailed me a copy of the obituary of Ms. Lobdell. I am very grateful and commend your employee for her excellent service.

R. Eli Samora

Santa Clara, Calif.

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