Use Facebook to tell city ‘no’ to bag fee

While the supporters of the proposed plastic bag fee have organized themselves with (plastic!) stickers, they remain an extremely vocal minority. The silent majority of shoppers who reside in the city and the county feel this is a ridiculous waste of City Council’s time and efforts and will result in significant unintended consequences for the city and the affected stores.

I, for one, would do more of my shopping in Farmington where I can get bags with no additional tax and avoid Durango’s absurd and regressive sales tax on food. I urge those who feel similarly to sign up on, and we will ensure that their feelings are made known to the City Council at the appropriate time.

We are looking for volunteers and donors to assist us in gathering signatures to force this issue to a vote this fall, if it passes. It’s time to remind the Durango City Council that they are acting at the behest of a small group of residents who do not represent the majority of voters and shoppers at these stores.

Jordan Golson


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