Do not print anything about homosexuality

Maurice Harrigan of Pittsboro, N.C. (Letters, Herald, July 2), came up with an ingenious idea in response to Vi McCoy’s Sodom and Gomorrah letter (Herald, June 27).

His suggestion not to print every letter to the editor needs to be expanded to include excluding all pictures, articles, news releases and all other material of any kind referring to homosexuals.

I am sick and tired of having homosexuality shoved down my throat while the government makes a mockery of God’s word by pacifying the gays with new laws that already exist for normal human beings.

Continued attacks on McCoy amaze me! She is only a messenger for the author of her articles. God’s door is open 24/7 to everyone, where they can verify the messages God gives McCoy. I’ve confirmed her writings in the Bible and found every printed word to be right on. Only a reprobate mind would dare to tread on God’s feet as homosexuals have done with their vicious attacks on his word (Romans 1:24-28), including their determination to continue wallowing in their sin.

Another writer tried to connect race and ethnic people to homosexuality. They obviously don’t know the difference between God’s invention and someone making up a weird lifestyle.

Enough is enough!

Judith North


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