Recycling rules confusing for county residents

Regarding the issues raised by Susan Beck Brown in her recent letter (Herald, July 9), the revised recycling setup for county residents has been unclear and confusing for some time. I feel very overlooked in this process, although I have been depositing recyclables at the recycling center as long as it’s been there. Regardless of whether we are charged $3 or $1 for a load of recycling, how are we to measure a 60-gallon quantity? I am not aware of a container of that size that I could put in the back of my vehicle (we don’t drive a truck). The largest trash can I found at the hardware store is 45 gallons, and it would be too large for the purpose of taking material to the recycling center in any way we could manage.

How will we be charged for a more modest and realistic amount? Many of us are already paying for trash pickup and could easily just give up recycling and dump the stuff in our trash, saving money and hassle. I’ve already considered doing that with glass, which is a whole separate issue. Will there be a place to deposit glass at the recycling center as well as at the drop-off sites in town? Does it count in the 60 gallons? Help!

Heather Mullett


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