Law allows people with guns to chase others

So, let me get this straight: Someone with a gun can chase another person down, simply because he assumes that the person is a criminal (he’s black, he’s wearing a hoodie, he came from a store ... ), and that gunman can then threaten that person, and if that person resists, the gunman can shoot him and not be charged with even manslaughter, let alone callous, prejudiced murder?

In 1967, I was in a similar altercation. I was walking back to my apartment in New York City early one evening, and I was followed. Next, the follower (no uniform, no markings of authority) put a gun to my head. Like Trayvon Martin, I fought back. Had the gunman fired the gun and killed me, apparently he would have been acquitted of murder, right? After all, I resisted!

In my case, however, the man holding the gun was black. I am white. So maybe not, huh? And in case you’re wondering, I won the fight – he ran.

Sara Ransom


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