Tourist article was rude and inappropriate

I read the article regarding tourists (“Deer life cycle baffles tourists,” Herald, July 13). I was appalled that you printed it, more so that it made the front page. This is the height of tourist season, our town depends upon tourists for 25 percent of its economy. Why would you want to offend them? The article is rude and insensitive and shows a lack of education on the part of the Herald.

Often, questions that folks have about an area are related to their point of reference. A non-U.S. citizen is likely to inquire about U.S. dollars vs. travelers check vs. credit card. Currency is converted on the credit card when charged, but appears on the statement as the holder’s native currency. Trains are a way of life in Europe and other parts of the world. It is reasonable to expect a train from Durango to Denver. One can take a train from London to Edinburgh, or from London to Paris. One of the websites for the Narrow Gauge talks about traveling the West via train. It is not clear that the trains do not connect. There are articles on the Internet as well questioning ghosts in the Palmer Hotel. Any hotel built in the 18th or early 19th century used to have hall baths; it is reasonable to ask about private bathrooms. Have you ever been to Europe? Not every place you stay has private bathrooms, usually a water pitcher or a sink, but the toilet may well be down the hall.

The name Durango sounds like a Wild West town and its origin and history depict a rough place. Durango is an eclectic town, an oasis in Southwest Colorado, but reading its history before visiting does not prepare one for what is really here. The article was rude, impolite and completely inappropriate for the paper. If you have nothing nice to say, then say nothing at all.

Bronwyn Radcliffe


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