Bag-based paranoia is ridiculous

Tom Parker’s letter to the Herald about the opposition to reusable bags (July 15) is bordering on the ridiculous. Infected ticks and fleas transporting to our reusable bags by pouncing pets in our vehicle? Why does Parker not just admit that he doesn’t want to buy or use reusable bags? And this amazing new knowledge about “sterile” plastic bags that miraculously go back to nature and dissolve because of our high altitude and UV rays. Maybe he needs to camp for a long while near a landfill and wait out the process to see how quickly plastic bags disintegrate.

Reusable bags are not the health risk that opponents claim them to be. These claims are obviously a way to keep the city from enforcing a ban on plastic bags, because some people cannot accept change, no matter how necessary. If people are so worried about germs, there are many other issues that could be created, such as demanding that people who bag our food sterilize their hands between customers. Such paranoia is ridiculous. It is all right to have an opinion about reusable bags, but please stop the paranoid and unreal assumptions.

For those who use reusable bags, bravo!

Curtis Wuest


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